Tour Camp Grounds

Camp Gailor-Maxon is located on the grounds of Dubose Conference Center in Monteagle, TN. Dubose is a historic place that has been used in the past as a Girl's Finishing School, a religious center, and more. 

The main building of Dubose is Claiborne Hall, where our kids have their meals, the offices are located, and houses our nurse's station.

The dining hall where we eat all our meals:

The campers stay in cabins, down the path from Claiborne Hall. There are two styles of cabins—the boys stay in our older cabins, which have a bunking room that sleep twelve, wrap-around porch, a counselor room, and a two-toilet stall, two-shower bathroom with dressing area:

The girls stay in our newer cabins, which were added in 2004. The girls' cabins have a common room, two bunking rooms that sleep twelve each, and two restrooms with two toiler stalls and two showers:

 We have an "Art Barn" where arts and crafts are made:
 A field to play sports and games:
 A stone altar for outdoor services:

 A pavilion to gather in:
 A pool to cool off in:

In addition, we use the grounds outside of Dubose to our advantage. We travel into Sewanee, which is ten minutes away, and Tracy City for hikes, swimming holes, and rappelling/rock climbing. We use the All Saints Chapel at Sewanee for our mid-week Evening Prayer service. We also have a close relationship with the park rangers of the South Cumberland State Park.